Playing Online Roulette

Roulette is a casino game Frenchman whose name literally means "small wheel". Roulette is one of the classic games that you can find in almost every casino. The roulette history dates back to the eighteenth century, although nobody knows for sure how it was his invention. The most accepted version is that roulette is the result of a mixture of English games that used a spinner (Rely Poly and Ace of Hearts) and several board games.

According to this version, the game as we know it today was born between the two countries, in, where at that time there was a board game called "Roulette". Allowing us to know for sure that the game had been played in its current form in the late eighteenth century. The problem lies in the fact that you have found even older references to the other side of the pond.

It is quite true that roulette was played in its current form in the late eighteenth century as in
1842, the Francois and Louis Blanc revolutionized roulette existed, at least for the owners of the casinos.

Francois and Louis decided to add a "0" to the roulette to offer an advantage to the house. When the game crossed the Atlantic was also added the "00" which is now in the American roulette and that give the casino an even greater advantage. Most online casinos offer welcome bonuses for the beginning player can start playing without risking your money, but play with the bonus that the casino offers.
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