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Craps rules may seem complicated for new casino players, however, although it is a beginner in the dice, the player should never be intimidated by the chaotic table design which is played either by the often hectic environment surround when visiting a physical casino. A small reading Craps Rules and features that meet their main bets usually enough to start playing craps without the feeling of being in a different world and difficult to understand.

Double odds bet Do not Pass bets decreases the house edge to less than 0.5 percent, so that the options to get money almost exclusively dependent on chance. To explain better, this means that you will have to risk $ 2 (or Euros) for each one you want to win, so if you want to earn 10 € (or dollars) extras on your do not pass bet $ 5 / €, you must place 20 $ / € in the play area.

As is the case with the Do not Pass bet, bet not Come bet plays against the Come bet. With the Do not Come bet, the player returns to bet against the shooter to try to make a profit even when the player has already established a point.

Given the strategy is not very difficult to learn, being generally a good option to bet against the shooter. Bets "negative" often offer the player likely to get benefits as they tend to reduce the house edge considerably, even taking it to a minimum. Do not be afraid to enjoy this game and remember also that a good strategy is to decide the budget to invest before playing with limits of both gains and losses. If you follow these tips your experience with the game of Craps is positive.
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